6 Real Marketing Benefits With Customer Loyalty Programme

Running a successful customer loyalty programme is not going to be easy unless you have the right tools to acquire, engage and retain your customers.

At WooHippo, we build simple yet powerful tools to help businesses to launch their own digital loyalty rewards card.

We will explain below how our online loyalty solution can help your marketing team achieve certain goals.

1. Use loyalty points and rewards to incentivise your customers to return frequently.

Our base loyalty feature circles around the concept of “Earn Points and Get Rewarded” to drive up frequent outlet visits.

  1. Customer earns loyalty points when they shop at your store.
  2. Customer uses their loyalty points to exchange for reward items from your rewards store.
  3. Customer collects the reward at your store.

This process will repeat itself if you setup the right rewards structure.

2. Create reward items for products with higher profit margin or for products that you want to push.

Let’s say you have Seafood Aglio Olio (sold for $30 with $15 profit) on the menu but it rarely gets ordered as compared to your Beef Spaghetti Bolognese (sold for $22 with $8 profit). This happens because the average customer budget is around $25.

Knowing that the Seafood Aglio Olio has a better profit margin, you can create a reward item such that your customer can redeem a $5 discount off the Seafood Aglio Olio. Therefore you have increase your profit per ticket from $8 to $10 and increase the chances that the customer will order the Seafood Aglio Olio again.

3. You can get your customers to perform an action in return for loyalty points.

We made it flexible such that it is up to your imagination to create various user actions and assign each action with different number of loyalty points. Below are some examples of user actions which you can add to your loyalty programme.

  • Customer left a review on your Google My Business – 300 points
  • Customer spent during birthday – 3x points
  • Customer brought 5 friends – 300 points
  • Customer spent during off-peak hours – 2.5x points
  • Customer spent during holiday – 1.5x points
  • Customer orders our Signature Roast Duck – 250 points
  • Customer post a photo on social media – 150 points

4. You will spend less on online advertising fees.

Once you use an online loyalty solution like ours, you no longer need to spend the same amount on advertising fees to acquire the same customers again because your customers are already registered with you.

You can use some of our available tools like putting up Member’s Only Promotion on your blog, integrate newsletter system to communicate with your customers and connecting your Facebook Pixels and Google Tag Manager.

5. Create extra member’s only perks

Additionally you can create a membership perks that only your members will enjoy. Perks are like special deals which does not require any loyalty points. Here are some suggested perks which you can add to your loyalty programme.

  • 5% discount on all appetizer orders.
  • 15% kid’s discount.
  • Earlier pre-order period.
  • Member’s only preview.
  • Member’s daily specials.
  • Member’s day sales.

6. Your brand will be stronger and more effective than ever.

It is only natural that your members will share their moments of being rewarded on social media and therefore your brand name will always be constantly mentioned online.